Telur Balado

telur balado

Telur balado or in english means Chillied egg, it’s a traditional  Indonesian food, made from hard boiled eggs and coated with chili sauce or sambals, there are many variety of sambal that you can use for this dish. For example I’ve made Chili tomato sauce and Shrimp paste chili sauce, both of this sauce perfect to combine it with hard boiled eggs. If you don’t like boiled egg (because you have to peel it), you can also make fried egg and combine with the sambal.

chillied egg

On this post I don’t post recipe, because I’m sure everybody can make boil ed eggs :-). I just give you the sambal recipe links that you can combine with the boiled eggs. This is it:

Chili Tomato Sauce                            Shrimp Paste Chili sauce

sambal tomat                 sambal terasi


Enjoy my favorite dish Telur Balado (Chillied Eggs). Spica and delicious Indonesian food.

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