Beef Kale Fried Wontons

This beef kale fried wontons perfect to serve as appetizer or as finger food for party, I made this fried wontons because I want to experiment what the taste of the filling would be like if I combine ground beef with kale. Surprisingly it was so good, normally I used ground beef with mushrooms, this… [read more]

Mozzarella Basil Fried Wontons

Fried wontons  are my favorite snacks, I could just fill in the wonton wrappers with anything I like. This is typical appetizer or small bite dish and perfect to serve if you have a party. This time I made mozzarella basil fried wontons, yup, veggie….! served with warm tomato sauce ( I used canned tomato… [read more]

Avocado Ricotta Cheese Wontons

Do you looking for appetizer or small bites recipe for party or just for snack? you come to the right blog hehe:) What do you need only wonton wrappers, avocado and ricotta cheese. Season with salt and add some lime juice. Use some egg wash to stick the wonton edges. Fry the wontons, drain, serve… [read more]

Chicken Wonton Cups

Chicken wonton cups as appetizer. This kind of small bites is always perfect to serve when your friends come to visit you or just as appetizer before you eat your dinner. Basically is quite simple to make, the main ingredients only wonton wrappers, ground chicken, scallions and cream cheese.

Chicken Fried Wontons

To be honest, I’m wonton fans, especially fried wontons, few days ago I’ve posted Scallion Brie Cheese Wontons, we have finished all wontons only in few minutes, it was so delicious….! this time I post Chicken fried wontons, served with sweet sour sauce and chili sauce.  As you know, you can buy wonton wrappers at… [read more]

Scallion Brie Cheese Wontons

Wontons wrappers or pastry wonton are always available in my frozen refrigerator, the are 2 types of wontons; for soup wonton and for fried wonton. You can find this wrappers in Asia store (in frozen  part). You can make individual filling dumplings with it. savory or sweet fillings. It can be fried or baked. It’s… [read more]

Prawn Wonton Soup

I’m falling in love with wonton since I made fried wonton filled with pumpkin puree, I’ve tried different kind recipes with wontons, fried or boiled, both of them are delicious. I bought the pastry wontons at Asia shop, there are two different kind of wontons; pastry for fried wonton and pastry for soup wonton. Yesterday I… [read more]