Herb walnut muffins 

I’ve made this savory muffin today, it tasted so great, rich of flavor of herb; basil, thyme and  rosemary. With the combination of walnut and parmesan cheese make this muffins taste so perfect (for me :-)). Actually, I quiet rarely to bake savory muffins, but after this time, I’ll bake more often.

One Pot Zucchini Peas Pasta

I was looking easy pasta recipe for dinner, and I found a lot of delicious one pot pasta recipes on Pinterest. After I looked at my refrigerator, I had zucchini and some frozen peas. So I combined those veggie, dried spaghetti, garlic, fresh thyme and water in one pot. Season with salt and pepper, when… [read more]

Baked Thyme Potato Slices

If you need quick, easy and delicious side dish, you should try baked thyme potato slices. It’s very easy to make, you don’t need to peel the potatoes, just wash and dry them with paper towel, then slice thin the potatoes (make sure you slice with same width). In a small bowl, mix olive oil,… [read more]

Beetroot Risotto

Beetroot risotto for veggie lovers. I’ve made this risotto for dinner and love it so much. Beetroot is an healthy root vegetable, it’s normally eaten grilled, roasted or boiled. You can also eat raw as salad by shredded it and combine with dressing and other vegetables.

Mushroom Thyme Quinoa

I’ve made mushroom thyme quinoa yesterday for dinner, according to my opinion, quinoa taste good when you combine it with something cheesy, I don’t know, maybe because I love cheese :-), of course everybody has their own favorite how to prepare quinoa. On this recipe I mixed the quinoa with brown Champignon mushrooms and thyme,… [read more]

Sun-Dried Tomato Thyme Cheese Bread

I was in Saarland for about 4 days to celebrated 90th Birthday Party of my husband’s uncle. It’s located not far from France, it took about one hour with car to go to France’s border. The first day we arrived there, we went to supermarket not far from the France’s border, I bought many cheeses,… [read more]