Biji Salak

Biji Salak or known as Indonesian sweet potato dumplings with palm sugar and coconut milk sauce is traditional dessert that normally serve during Ramadan for breaking the fast. It’s gluten free and vegan. I steamed the sweet potatoes for this recipe (peeled, cut into cubes, steamed and mashed it), you can also roast it first… [read more]

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

This baked sweet potato fries is my favorite appetizer or snack, I enjoy this only with mayonnaise and ketchup, very simple, healthy and tasty. You can also serve this fries your favorite dip.

Mashed purple sweet potatoes

I bought purple sweet potatoes at Asian grocery store, I can’t find it easily at supermarket here in Germany. So happy if I finally got this. I love sweet potatoes so much and I love the color of purple sweet potatoes. This time, I’ve made mashed purple sweet potatoes with maple butter and toasted pecans.… [read more]

Sweet Potato Wedges with Mayo Chili Sauce

I think I’m addicted to this delicious appetizer – baked sweet potato wedges with mayo chili sauce. It’s very easy to make and also perfect to serve as side dish too. I’m fan of sweet potato, I’ve posted sweet potato recipes on this blog, such as Sweet Potato Pie and Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries .… [read more]

Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries

Last time I’ve made roasted butternut squash fries as a snack, it tasted so good, so that I tried it with sweet potato, flavored with rosemary, garlic and chili powder, season with salt and ground black pepper. So this is it; Rosemary sweet potato fries. I served it with garlic parsley avocado dip, wow luxurios… [read more]

Sweet Potato Pie

I love sweet potato, always combine this root vegetable on my menu, especially dessert, I’ve made this sweet potato pie many times, last time I’ve made this as we had dinner together at Christmas. I can’t describe how great the taste as the piece of the pie comes into my mouth and melt in your… [read more]

Mashed Sweet Potato

This time I post mashed sweet potato, it is sweet-tasting root vegetable, it has orange flesh, in Indonesia known as ubi jalar. Here I only boiled the sweet potato with water and mashed it with potato-masher. It’s base to make anything you like such as; pie, dip or serve it as side dish. For example; mix… [read more]