Chicken Bell Pepper Soy Sauce

Chicken bell pepper soy sauce for dinner. I’ve made this recipe two days ago, because I still had stock of boneless chicken breast filet that I have to cook. It’s simple recipe to make and I’m sure you have all the ingredients at home.

Tempeh Green Chili Soy Sauce

Tempeh is soy product originally from Indonesia, it is made from soya beans, with fermentation process, binds the soybeans into cake form, it is rich of vitamin and protein. Tempeh green chili soy sauce or know as “tempe cabe ijo” is Indonesian favorite food, which is popular in island of Java. It’s cubed fried tempeh mixed… [read more]

Teriyaki Salmon

Few weeks ago I made special dinner for my husband, Teriyaki salmon served with parsley mashed potato and sautéed brown Champignon mushrooms with orange bell pepper.  He was satisfied with his dinner and wanted to eat this everyday. The secret behind this recipe is the marinade sauce, it’s mixture of soy sauce, honey, sesame seeds… [read more]

Chicken with coconut milk and soya sauce

Last time I posted Tofu cooked in coconut milk and soya sauce, this time I cook chicken cooked in coconut milk and soya sauce season with ginger and lemongrass, it’s amazing taste, serve with warmed basmati rice, it would be your perfect simple dinner. I tried to make asian flavor touch on my dish, since… [read more]

Tofu Coconut Milk Curry Soya Sauce

This is one of my favorite dinner, Tofu coconut milk curry soya sauce.  I’ve bought the white tofu at Asia shop, I washed and cut diced the tofu. then marinated it with soya sauce, curry powder, combine with red bell peppers and cooked in coconut milk, serve with steamed rice, mmm delicious. Check out my other… [read more]

Tofu Green Bell Pepper Soya Sauce

This tofu green bell pepper soya sauce was my dinner yesterday, I bought the tofu at Asia groceries store, and come up the idea to make simple dish with only few other ingredients. First, I fried the tofu after cut it into small diced, then sautéed the onion and bell pepper, season with soya sauce… [read more]