Teriyaki Salmon

Few weeks ago I made special dinner for my husband, Teriyaki salmon served with parsley mashed potato and sautéed brown Champignon mushrooms with orange bell pepper.  He was satisfied with his dinner and wanted to eat this everyday. The secret behind this recipe is the marinade sauce, it’s mixture of soy sauce, honey, sesame seeds… [read more]

Salmon Dill Shallot Cream Sauce

Anybody loves salmon? At least one time per week I made fish menu, salmon is my husband’s favorite. Sometimes I bought fresh salmon fish at the market, but you have to directly cook it after you buy, to maintain the freshness of the fish. I have stocks of frozen fish in refrigerator. I thaw first… [read more]

Salmon Bell Pepper

Anybody love salmon? I do. I tried to eat fish dish at least once a week. This salmon bell pepper is my delicious dinner, diced fried salmon with red and yellow bell pepper, flavored with garlic, thyme and black pepper. It would be perfect when it served with mashed potato, for recipe click here. By… [read more]