Herb walnut muffins 

I’ve made this savory muffin today, it tasted so great, rich of flavor of herb; basil, thyme and  rosemary. With the combination of walnut and parmesan cheese make this muffins taste so perfect (for me :-)). Actually, I quiet rarely to bake savory muffins, but after this time, I’ll bake more often.

Rosemary Carrot Fries

I just made Rosemary carrot fries today  as snack for welcoming German soccer team ( I’m watching on TV ), they just arriving in Berlin and all Fans (about more than hundert thousand Fans- 250.000 Fans) waiting for them at Brandenburger Tor. Yeah we’re the world cup champion for the 4th.times.

Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries

Last time I’ve made roasted butternut squash fries as a snack, it tasted so good, so that I tried it with sweet potato, flavored with rosemary, garlic and chili powder, season with salt and ground black pepper. So this is it; Rosemary sweet potato fries. I served it with garlic parsley avocado dip, wow luxurios… [read more]

Rosemary butternut squash

October is pumpkin season, you can find many types of pumpkin, I love pumpkin… I bought butternut squash pumpkin last week and looking for some simple and great recipe. I found picture of roasted butternut squash on Pinterest from Real kids eat spinach with recipe Crispy roasted butternut squash, and inspired to make the same with different… [read more]