Mango Red Currant Smoothie

Last weekend, I’ve bought a lot of red currants and other berries at organic store. I love to combine it into my smoothie or muffins. Today’s recipe is mango red currant smoothie. Enjoy it!

Red Currant Peach Smoothie

In summer, a lot of fruits in season, for this month, red currant and peach are some of them. For this red currant peach smoothie recipe, I mixed peach and red currants with coconut water and agave syrup, blend them and ready to serve, add ice cubes if you want. It’s perfect summer drink for… [read more]

Red Currant Lime Drink

I know summer time is over, this red currant lime drink actually perfect for summer drink, but if you still have stock of red currants, why don’t make this refreshing drink. What you need only red currants, lime, simple syrup, still water or sparkling water and ice cubes. Enjoy!

Red Currant Scones

The scone is a British snack, it’s a small quick bread made from wheat and oatmeal, made with cold butter, heavy cream, baking powder, salt and sugar. There are many variety from scones, it can be sweet and savory.  It’s normally served for Afternoon tea,  commonly served with jam and clotted cream.

Red Currant Banana Cake

After looking at my Red Currant Pinterest Board , I tried to make this red currant banana cake recipe, it’s inspired by a food blog website Tide and Thyme with Currant and poppy seed loaf cake.

Red Currant Sauce

Red currant sauce I made as topping for my raspberry poppy seeds breakfast pancake. Basically I served pancakes with butter and maple syrup, but few days ago  I made this yummy  red currant sauce for red currant poppy seeds pancakes that I’ve made for breakfast.

Red Currant Poppy Seeds Pancakes

I love pancakes!, I always ate pancakes for breakfast, normally I made pancakes with different kind of fruit mixtures. For example, pancakes that I’ve ever make ; Raspberry Red Currant Pancakes, Whole Wheat Banana Pancake and Chocolate Orange Pancakes.