Radish mango coconut cashew smoothie

Radish mango coconut cashew smoothie for breakfast! I know, it’s strange mixture. This smoothie recipe is one of my smoothie’s experiment that I’ve made every time I’m looking for something new every morning to drink for breakfast. Interesting taste, try it !

Cucumber radish salad

Cucumber radish salad is one of our favorite appetizer before we ate main course. My husband love cucumber and radish so much. I’ve made different kind of sauce dressing for this veggie, like; radish cucumber salad with mustard honey sauce. I’ll try another dressing soon.

Radish Cream Cheese Toast

Looking for easy breakfast recipe? try this one; radish cream cheese toast! You just need toasted bread, spread it with cream cheese, add sliced red radishes, add sliced chives, season with salt and black pepper. Ready to enjoy. I made this recipe only for one person (only for me), you can double the portion if… [read more]

Pan Roasted Red Radishes

I made this yesterday because I still had stock of this red radishes in my refrigerator. Normally I made salad  with it; for example I’ve made red radish salad with hummus avocado sauce, radish cream cheese salad, avocado radish salad mango sauce and radish cucumber salad with honey mustard sauce. All of them tasted great. Red… [read more]

Red Radish Salad with Hummus Avocado Sauce

Red Radishes are root vegetables with a bulb like appearance. The size of a red radish is about the same size as a small golf ball. I’ve made a lot of red radish recipes as salads such as; Radish Cream Cheese Salad, Radish Cucumber Salad Honey Mustard Dressing, Avocado Radish Salad Mango Sauce. Red radishes always perfect… [read more]

Radish Cucumber Salad with Mustard Honey Sauce

Salad is a-must-dish at dinner for my husband. Almost everyday I made salad for him. I always looking for different kind of recipes on internet. Few days ago I made radish cucumber salad with honey mustard sauce. It was easy to make and taste so delicious:-).

Radish Cream Cheese Salad

Anybody love radish?….People in Germany love this. Normally they just eat like that or as salad. You can easily find radish at groceries store, especially the small red-skin radish. Radish cream cheese salad is one of my favorite.