Tom Yum Soup

Tom yum soup is originated from Thailand but very popular in neighbor countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. There’s a lot of types of Tom Yum soup, this one that I made is Tom Yum Goong; made with shrimps/prawns. For this recipe, I used shrimps with shells (remove the head) and I’ve made my own… [read more]

Prawn Bok Choy Oyster Sauce

I’ve made this prawn bok choy oyster sauce in the morning for dinner hehe:-), so that I can took picture of it after cooking it. Lighting is very important for food photography, if I cooked dinner at night, too bad that I can’t took picture of the food (because I don’t have special lamp for… [read more]

Curried prawns with sautéed bell peppers

Bell peppers… this vegetable always available in supermarket, I bought it normally in a package that include all three color of bell peppers (red, yellow and green). On this recipe I used half of each bell peppers, and use the rest in the next day. For the prawns, I used ready-to-use prawns that means, it’s… [read more]

Prawn Broccoli Garlic Rice

 Last time I posted recipe with rice; Zucchini Cheddar Cheese Rice, and yesterday I’ve tried again how to mix rice with other ingredients such as vegetables or meat. At the end, I made garlic rice with prawn and broccoli. It’s perfect to serve it as a side dish or eat it just like that. You can… [read more]

Prawn Wonton Soup

I’m falling in love with wonton since I made fried wonton filled with pumpkin puree, I’ve tried different kind recipes with wontons, fried or boiled, both of them are delicious. I bought the pastry wontons at Asia shop, there are two different kind of wontons; pastry for fried wonton and pastry for soup wonton. Yesterday I… [read more]