Buttermilk Chives Mashed Potatoes

Normally I used buttermilk to make breakfast pancakes, and usually  I added milk into mashed potato, this time I had stock potatoes and buttermilk in my refrigerator, and I needed side dish for my main course. Right timing, I made this buttermilk chives mashed potatoes recipe as side dish. If you like this recipe, check… [read more]

Parsley Mashed Potatoes

I always cooked mashed potatoes as side dish for fish dish. Few months ago I’ve posted mashed potato , it’s the same recipe like this one but I added some chopped parsley into it, it’s tasted so delicious and smooth mashed potatoes. Check out my dinner recipe that I served with parsley mashed potatoes: Salmon dill… [read more]

Mashed Potato Ball Fritters

This potato fritters are my favorite snack, it can be enjoyed anytime, so crunchy when you bite it, perfect taste if you serve it with sweet and sour chili sauce, or serve it with any kind dips you like. Actually the mashed potato that I’ve used here is the rest food from my dinner. For… [read more]

Salmon Bell Pepper

Anybody love salmon? I do. I tried to eat fish dish at least once a week. This salmon bell pepper is my delicious dinner, diced fried salmon with red and yellow bell pepper, flavored with garlic, thyme and black pepper. It would be perfect when it served with mashed potato, for recipe click here. By… [read more]

Potato Pancake

I called this Potato pancake, in Germany known as Kartoffelpuffer, it is favorite meal in Germany, it serves normally with apfelmuss (apple sauce), but I just ate just like that and actually it should be a thin pancake, but I’ve made it to thick. Anyway it tasted good. By the way my neighbor gave me some… [read more]

Quail egg Potato Carrot Soup

The weather is so cold today, it’s autumn, the day is short and at 16:00 already dark. Now, it’s about 6°C in Hannover, Germany. This week I’ve made some soup recipe, warm soup is always perfect for cold weather. Check out my latest soup recipe “Butternut squash sage soup”. This one is Quail egg Potato… [read more]

Chicken liver diced potato

Chicken liver with potato or known as Sambal goreng ati is traditional Indonesian food , it’s made from chicken liver or beef liver, cook together with dice potatoes and seasoning with spices, especially chili. It is not only eaten at special event like Idul Fitri but also as daily menu, in Germany it’s not top… [read more]