Rucola Basil Pesto

Basil is our favorite herb, I always add it into our dishes, like a simple caprese salad that I’m made few days ago. I have basil leaves plant in my balcony, so I just pick it every time I need. I’ve also made basil pesto to add it into pasta dish or salad dressing. This time… [read more]

Sautéed Green beans with roasted Pine nuts

Looking for appetizer or side dish recipe? you can try this one, it’s sautéed green bean with pine nuts  served with grated parmesan cheese and chopped parsley. Normally I made salad as appetizer but this time a little bit different. It’s very simple recipe, but took a little bit of your time,  you need to… [read more]

Parsley Pesto

Pesto taste good for dip or pasta sauce. Last time I’ve made Basil pesto, for recipe click here. What you have to prepare is food processor, mix and  blend all pesto ingredients until smooth and combine with boiled pasta like I’ve done, check out recipe for spaghetti with parsley pesto. It would be also perfect for salad… [read more]