Tagliatelle Prawn Pesto

Few days ago I made Rucola Basil Pesto, I’ve used that pesto sauce as pasta sauce, that pasta that I’ve used here is dried Tagliatelle, because I’m too lazy to made my own pasta, even though I have pasta machine at home. The prawns that I’ve used is thawed prawns. I sautéed the prawns with… [read more]

Rucola Basil Pesto

Basil is our favorite herb, I always add it into our dishes, like a simple caprese salad that I’m made few days ago. I have basil leaves plant in my balcony, so I just pick it every time I need. I’ve also made basil pesto to add it into pasta dish or salad dressing. This time… [read more]

Beetroot Salad

Yesterday I’ve posted Basil pesto recipe, check out the recipe here. Like I’ve said before, you could use the pesto for pasta sauce, dip or combine it with any kind of dish you like. This time I’ve mixed it into salad, beetroot salad!. I’m not sure everybody like beetroot, I also didn’t like it before.

Basil Pesto

Pesto is perfect to serve as pasta sauce, sometimes I added to salad mixture, as a dip for fried prawn or as a sauce for sliced boiled potatoes. It’s very simple to make as long as you have all the ingredients. Basically pesto made from fresh basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, salt and… [read more]

Spaghetti Pesto Sauce

Pasta… love it always for dinner. There are many kind of pasta , such as, fettuccine, gnocchi, lasagna etc.  Spaghetti is always  available on my groceries’s cupboard.  Normally I just boil the spaghetti with salt for about 20 minutes until al dante (or according to cooking instruction), remove the rest of the water and add one… [read more]