Pear Chocolate Cake

Weekend time…it’s time to bake a cake :-). This autumn is pear season, at the moment there’s a lot of type of pear. I’ve made this pear chocolate cake quite often for coffee time. It’s fruity from the pear fruit and sweety from the chocolate. Have a nice try and have a nice weekend.

Pear cucumber ginger coconut water drink

I always drink smoothie or juice everyday in the morning for breakfast. I used any kind of fruit I have at home to mix. Today’s recipe, I made pear cucumber ginger coconut water drink with additional cashew nuts, just remove from recipe if you don’t want nuts into the juice. Especially at pear season you… [read more]

Mango banana pear smoothie

Yellow smoothie for today…..! I’ve posted a lot of smoothie recipes on this blog, it’s because I always  drink smoothie every morning to start my day. Normally I used ingredients that I have at home. Today’s smoothie made from mango, pear and banana, combined with milk, agave syrup and ground oats. Enjoy it!

Pear Cheesecake bars

Dessert time! I found a lot of pear variety at supermarket and normally I didn’t eat pear fruit just like that but prepare it in a form of dessert.  So, this is it… Pear Cheesecake Bars…look yum with crumble topping on top. Cut it into bars and ready to enjoy for coffee time afternoon tea.

Pear Strudel

Normally, strudel made from Filo pastry, but this time I’ve made pear strudel with puff pastry. Once, Ive tried apple strudel at Austrian restaurant, it was sooo delicious and try to make by myself. The word “strudel” comes from German word means “whirlpool”, people in Germany love to eat apple strudel and pear strudel as… [read more]

Homemade Pear Butter

Anybody tried homemade pear butter before? if not, you should try this one. Sure you can buy it at supermarket but homemade is always better. I’ve made apple sauce before and it was so delicious and finally I’ve made this yummy homemade pear butter.

Pear Mojito

It’s not summer yet, but it’s no problem to enjoy this fruity cocktail after lunch on sunny windy day. Last time I posted Blood Orange Mojito, and seems I addicted to fruity light cocktail like drink recipe that I’m going to post today. Today’s recipe is pear mojito! yup, basically it’s the same procedure to… [read more]