Orange Mango Smoothie

  I’ve made this smoothie this morning for breakfast,  so refreshing drink and easy-to-find-ingredients. Taste also good without crushed ice or ice cubes. For tips; add some milk or cereal into your drink, it’s healthy energy drink to start your day. Have a nice try.

Mango Orange Date Smoothie

I always drink smoothie for breakfast, it’s my energy boost. I love dates fruit and always added it into my drinks. 

Chocolate orange pancake

Chocolate Orange Pancake for breakfast? why not. Pancake is always perfect for breakfast, served with fresh fruit and maple syrup, mmm yummy. On this recipe I made chocolate pancake with cocoa powder, and some orange juice mixed into the batter, served with sliced orange and chocolate sauce. Check out my other pancake recipes on my… [read more]