Almond Cranberry Oats Energy Bites

I’ve made this almond cranberry oats energy bites yesterday and ate it for breakfast today. After I made Hazelnut Cranberry Peanut Butter Energy Balls and Chocolate Coconut Cashew Energy Bites, seems I’m addicted to it and try to mixed delicious ingredients into my energy balls mixture. The ingredients of today’s energy bites are rolled oats, dried… [read more]

Banana Almond Cranberry Overnight Oats

Oatmeal is our favorite breakfast every morning, normally we just combining it with yogurt and fruit, yesterday I made overnight oats and it was so good that I’m going to make this again and again. Basically you can combine it with ingredients you like, on this recipe I added a lot of ingredients such as… [read more]

Baked Pear Oatmeal

I’ve bought a lot of pears at supermarket last weekend, there are many variety of pear you can choose on this autumn season. I made this baked pear oatmeal as dessert but I still can enjoy it for breakfast in the morning with a cup of coffee. I used maple syrup for sweetness, so it’s… [read more]

Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

I just made this blueberry oatmeal cookies recipe this morning for breakfast :-), it’s because I still had a lot of fresh blueberries in my refrigerator and lost some idea what I’m going to do with them. Last time I’ve posted Blueberry Crumb Bars and thought about making cookies with fresh blueberries, I found a… [read more]