Spaghetti Salmon Oyster Mushrooms Dill Sauce

Looking for delicious dinner recipe? you should this one, spaghetti salmon oyster mushrooms dill sauce. I’ve bought oyster mushroom at supermarket and thought about to make pasta sauce from it. Something you should know, this oyster mushroom is edible mushroom that was first cultivated in Germany as subsistense measure during World War.  It may be… [read more]

Spaghetti Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce

Chanterelle mushroom is a fungus and considered as edible mushroom, in Germany called Pfifferling. It is one of gourmet fungi with high price when you eat at restaurant. Brush the mushroom before use it. Sauté it with butter, taste good when cooked as cream sauce. I served this mushroom cream sauce with boiled spaghetti, just simple dinner. It’s also… [read more]

Mushroom Minced Beef Cheese Appetizer

Last Christmas we had dinner together, I’ve made three kind of appetizers for us to enjoyed; 1. Mushroom minced beef cheese. 2. Avocado Salsa 3. Fried Prawn Wonton

Spaghetti Squash Mushroom Tomato

Spaghetti squash mushroom tomato served with grated parmesan cheese …hmm interesting, at the beginning I was thinking what does it mean? is it cooked with spaghetti? is it serve with as spaghetti companion?Nope. The form of the flesh after cooked are looks like spaghetti if you scoop it with fork. It serve as substitute for… [read more]

Mushroom spinach cayenne pepper

Looking for fast and delicious recipes with vegetables? try this mushroom spinach cayenne pepper recipe! it is made from brown champignon mushrooms, fresh spinach leaves and red cayenne pepper. Just sauté chopped onion and garlic with olive oil, season with soya sauce, salt and pepper. Ready to eat as appetizer, side dish or main course.… [read more]

Mushroom risotto

Risotto is an Italian rice dishes. It is made from special variety of rice which high-starch and short grain white rice; like Arborio, this rice has ability to absorb liquid and release starch, it is stickier compare with other rice. Normally it is cooked in broth, you can use broth from meat, fish, vegetable or poultry. Common ingredients to cook it are with… [read more]