Mung Bean Sprouts Salad

Last weekend we had birthday party of my friend, some of the menus are Indonesian food, happy! At the end there are a lot of rest of the food and we had to take away. There were also food that haven’t cooked yet, like mung bean sprouts. So I brought the sprouts at home… [read more]

Sesame Seed Balls

Sesame seed balls or known as Onde-onde is dessert or snack speciality from Indonesia, this is everybody’s favorite snack at anytime, in the morning, afternoon or at night. Yummy yummy. Normally I always bought it, it’s easy to find everywhere, many street vendors sell it. But since I live in Germany, I made it myself… [read more]

Mung beans porridge with coconut milk

Mung beans porridge with coconut milk or known as “bubur kacang hijau” is Indonesian favorite dessert, It’s made by boiling the mung beans, cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar, flavored with panda leaves, at the end serve with coconut milk. You can boil the coconut milk together with mung beans or serve at the end separately.… [read more]