Matcha chia pudding with pomegranate

If you like to use chia seeds for breakfast, you should try this recipe, it’s Matcha chia pudding with pomegranate. I soaked the chia seeds with mixture of milk, maple syrup and Matcha green tea powder, and leave it overnight. In the morning, I portion it into small jars and sprinkle them with pomegranate arils… [read more]

Matcha Green Tea Almond Bagels

Matcha green tea almond bagels…sounds great right? For Bagel lovers, this is one you should try. Maybe not everybody know where to buy Matcha , normally I bought this at Asian shop. In Asian it’s already very popular, last month I was in Singapore for few days and I found a lot of Cafes with Matcha specialities,… [read more]

Coconut Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino

After I made Vegan Matcha Green Tea Shake, seems I addicted to this Matcha drink, last time I combine it with soy milk, this time I tried it with coconut milk, this is it…..Coconut Matcha green tea ‘Frappuccino’! I made the “whipped cream” for topping with 100% coconut milk, surprise that it’s work. 🙂 Have… [read more]

Matcha Almond Cookies

Cookie time….! Matcha almond cookies 🙂 It’s made from Matcha green tea powder, chopped almond nuts, flour, powdered sugar, butter and salz. It’s very easy to make, you’ll not regret it. Matcha is fine powder green tea, originally comes from Japan. Nowadays, Matcha used to flavor such as; green tea ice cream, soba noodle or… [read more]

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Shake

Today post is vegan Matcha green tea shake, I still have stock of Matcha green tea powder in my cupboard, I’ve tried make some recipe with Matcha. Some recipes that I’ve made with Matcha are; Matcha Bagels and Matcha Macarons. Since I bought some vegan cook books, I want to try vegan drink recipe –… [read more]

Matcha Macarons

A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confections made from eggs, icing sugar, ground almond and food coloring. I know macarons since I was working at Hotel, we’ve learned and tried (food testing) many international cuisines. Normally they offer Café Gourmand as coffee time or tea time, it’s mix of mini desserts such as ; crème brûlée, mousse… [read more]