Papaya Lettuce Salad

Papaya is easy to find in Indonesia with cheap price, in Germany it cost almost €10 per piece. In Indonesia you could find big and ripe papaya, it tastes so sweet from its fruit. I’ve made this papaya lettuce salad as appetizer, it’s quiet easy to make. Simple, healthy, refreshing salad.

Tomato Salad

Anyone love tomatoes? this time I post salad recipe with tomato, it’s simple salad. Normally, on summer I picked the tomatoes from my own small garden on balcony, I made salad from it, and the tomatoes were really sweet, I was really proud every time I harvest fruit from my own balcony (thought about how… [read more]

Radish salad avocado tahini sauce

Avocado is everybody’s favorite, am I right? I love this healthy fruit as dessert like avocado juice (Indonesian favorite’s drink). On this recipe I mixed it with tahini as dressing for salad. Since I always made salad everyday for my husband, I started to be creative to mix and try all different kind of dressing or… [read more]

Mango salad avocado sauce

Mango salad avocado sauce….this is my favorite salad, so fresh and fruity… I’m sure everybody love mango, try to make salad from it, combine it with creamy avocado  sauce, it would be perfect combo. Last time I’ve posted recipe of creamy avocado sauce , for recipe click here.

Apple lettuce walnut salad

I made salad almost everyday, especially for my husband, he loves it so much, any kind of salad that I’ve made, he always ate it. :-), honestly since I lived here in Germany, I ate often salad (in Indonesia almost never, most of Asian people eat something fried, noodle, rice or soup, that means all… [read more]

Lettuce grape walnut salad

Salad is always part of our daily menu at home, not only with vegetables but it tastes also good with fruits, the important thing is the dressing/sauce. Last time I’ve made pear lettuce salad with mustard yoghurt sauce. It was perfect. This time I made lettuce grape walnut salad and served with delicious dressing ; tahini dressing.