Grape Lime Infused Water

To drink water everyday sounds boring, but if you flavoured your water with fruits you like, sounds will be great. This grape lime infused water is one of my detox water recipe. Have some fun with different fruit, vegetable, and herb combinations for various flavors. Just add sliced fruit and herbs to a carafe, fill… [read more]

Grape Soda

Finally summer time in Germany, it’s time summer drink recipe now. I’ve made this refreshing drink grape soda to enjoy sunny day here. What you need are fresh red grapes, lemon, sugar to make this fresh drink. Serve with ice cubes, pour with soda water and garnish with mint leaves. Ready to enjoy!

Grape Syrup

This summer I addicted to refreshing summer drink, normally I used simple syrup to combine it into my drink but since I made experiment with blueberry syrup, then I made blueberry lemonade with it, it’s a highlight of the day when I mixed the drink. Last week, I tried to make syrup with grape.

Concord Grape Pie Crumble

Concord Grape Pie Crumble….this is one of the best pie I’ve ever made. Few months ago, I’ve posted Valentine’s Grape Pie, it was pie for my husband as Valentine’s gift. This time I’ve made grape pie with crumble on top of it.

Valentine’s Grape Pie

I know…Valentine’s Day is over. Anyhow I post here homemade Valentine’s grape pie created by me. I made this grape pie as Valentine’s day  present for my husband. It took a long time for me to make this pie, because of the love-form on top of the pie, I’ve made it with my hand :-).… [read more]

Lettuce grape walnut salad

Salad is always part of our daily menu at home, not only with vegetables but it tastes also good with fruits, the important thing is the dressing/sauce. Last time I’ve made pear lettuce salad with mustard yoghurt sauce. It was perfect. This time I made lettuce grape walnut salad and served with delicious dressing ; tahini dressing.