Scrambled Eggs with Mimolette Cheese

I still have assorted cheeses at home from my last tour at supermarket in France, check out some of the cheese that I’ve bought;

Scrambled eggs with avocado on toasted bread

Sunday morning…. I was looking for simple breakfast recipe with toast bread, and found in at 80breakfasts website with scrambled eggs with avocado. It’s very easy to make, first you have to beat the egg lightly with fork, cut dice the avocado, toast the bread with toaster. Then cook the egg in pan with butter,… [read more]

Quail egg Potato Carrot Soup

The weather is so cold today, it’s autumn, the day is short and at 16:00 already dark. Now, it’s about 6°C in Hannover, Germany. This week I’ve made some soup recipe, warm soup is always perfect for cold weather. Check out my latest soup recipe “Butternut squash sage soup”. This one is Quail egg Potato… [read more]

Fried egg yellow paprika

Breakfast time…! if you like sunny side up for breakfast, this is other way to serve your breakfast. You just need one paprika, slice it, remove the seeds, fry it on a pan with the egg. I served this fried egg yellow paprika when my friend and I had breakfast together. It looks appetizing, we… [read more]