Jalapeño Corn Fritters

I enjoyed this Jalapeño corn fritters as small bites or snacks in the afternoon with a cup of tea. It would be also perfect as appetizer before dinner. After I made Jalapeño Red Quinoa Bites few weeks ago, I still have some of the jalapeño in refrigerator, so I decided to make this jalapeño corn fritters.… [read more]

Clear Spinach Soup

Clear spinach soup or known as Sayur bening bayam is one of famous Indonesian cuisine, it’s daily menu of Indonesian family. It’s simple to be made and healthy. Basically it is boiled water with corn and carrot, at the end add the spinach and some seasoning ingredients. I’m sure the ingredients are available in everybody’s kitchen and easily… [read more]

Creamy corn chicken

I love something creamy for dinner, not everyday but sometimes it would be nice. Chicken and corn would be perfect match. Creamy  corn chicken, yummy sauce, to make think sauce, we have to use corn flour. Corn flour in UK or USA means corn starch. In Germany it called ‘Mais Mehl’ translates ‘ Corn flour’, actually it means… [read more]