Corn egg drop soup

This corn egg drop soup is my favorite soup. I made this quite often, because it’s very easy and fast to make. For this recipe I just need one fresh corn cob, shredded the kernels and boiled with chicken broth and grated ginger. While stirring the soup I poured the beaten eggs (2 eggs) and… [read more]

Sautéed Zucchini Corn

This is one of the easiest side dish recipe that I’ve made. I used one fresh corn on the cob and 2 medium zucchini to make this recipe. Flavor with garlic, freshly herb; thyme and rosemary. Season with salt and black pepper. Add this healthy sautéed zucchini corn into your dinner menu. Delicious!

Baked Zucchini Corn Mushroom Pie

Veggie Day Weekend ….. yup a  lot of vegetable on this recipe. Zucchini, mushroom and corn are the main ingredients. I called it “pie” because it’s look like a pie but no crust. I ate this baked zucchini corn mushroom pie for dinner. I attached some how-to-pictures below to make this, good luck!.

Boiled corn on the cob

I’ve bought a lot of fresh corn at supermarket and can’t wait to prepare and eat it. This time I made boiled corn on the cob cooked in milk and butter. Garnish with parsley, serve as appetizer, snack or side dish. Sooo delicious!. By the way, I’ve posted a lot of corn recipes on this… [read more]

Chicken Corn Egg Soup

Chicken corn egg soup for cold weather, great idea right? I just made this soup today and can’t wait to post the recipe directly. This soup made from chicken, corn and egg. Just like the title 🙂 Boil in chicken stock and season with salt and pepper. That’s it! so easy right. You can use… [read more]

Baked corn on the cob

I’ve made this baked corn on the cob yesterday as companion for my dinner. You only need less ingredients to make this and you’ll surprise with the result. Here I used cleaned fresh corn cobs, if you buy fresh corn ears,  husk the corn, remove the silk and rinse it by running cold water over… [read more]

Broccoli Corn Linguine

Another pasta recipe….this time is about one pot pasta, I found many one pot pasta at Pinterest from many food bloggers, that’s why I created  “one pot pasta” board  there. Today, I’m gonna post one pot pasta broccoli corn linguine, with additional cheese and milk, makes it creamy and cheesy. This is the way how… [read more]