Clementine Chocolate Cake

Weekend time…it’s time to make cake for coffee time. Today’s recipe is clementine chocolate cake. This cake is flourless, I used almond flour to make this. The ingredients are very easy to find and I’m sure you had all ingredients at home.

Spinach Banana Clementine Smoothie

I think I’ve posted a lot of smoothie recipe on my blog, it’s because I drink smoothie almost everyday with mixture different kind of fruits I have at home. This time is spinach banana clementine smoothie, I mixed it with yogurt, milk and honey. Just to let you know that I have picture collection of smoothies… [read more]

Chia Pudding with Clementine

Are you looking for easy dessert recipe? you should try this one….chia pudding with clementine. To make the chia pudding, you need chia seeds, milk and honey. Combine all ingredients into glass jar, cover it and shake it. Keep overnight in refrigerator or at least 4 hours. The chia seeds will soaked the liquid and… [read more]

Clementine Pomegranate Mint Drink

It’s time to post drink recipe, I know it’s not summer yet, but the last few days we had beautiful sunny day, over 20°C. It was perfect time to sit in my balcony and enjoy this clementine pomegranate mint drink. First of all you need is to cut and de-seeded the pomegranate, I got this… [read more]