Golden Milk

November in Germany…brrr very cold weather, no sunlight at all the whole day. We need a powerful hot drink to strength our immune system, it’s Golden Milk ….made from turmeric spice and coconut milk. Enjoy it!

Pear Strudel

Normally, strudel made from Filo pastry, but this time I’ve made pear strudel with puff pastry. Once, Ive tried apple strudel at Austrian restaurant, it was sooo delicious and try to make by myself. The word “strudel” comes from German word means “whirlpool”, people in Germany love to eat apple strudel and pear strudel as… [read more]

Homemade Pear Butter

Anybody tried homemade pear butter before? if not, you should try this one. Sure you can buy it at supermarket but homemade is always better. I’ve made apple sauce before and it was so delicious and finally I’ve made this yummy homemade pear butter.

Roasted Cinnamon Butternut Squash

This roasted cinnamon butternut squash is perfect to serve as side dish for your fish, poultry or meat dish. What you need is butternut squash, olive oil, ground cinnamon, brown sugar, salt and black pepper. You can eat this as snack or combine it into your salad.