Pistachio Chocolate Balls

Chocolate balls… mmm I’m sure everybody love this, mix with pistachio nuts…. it’s highlight of the day. Since I made rum balls and sprinkle balls many times, always come up the idea to mix the chocolate balls with different kinds of nuts such as; hazelnut, almond, cashew nut etc. Sometimes I mixed it with desiccated… [read more]

Chocolate Chips Banana Cake

I’ve made this cake many times, I love banana, I eat this fruit everyday, normally together with cereal or oatmeal, but sometimes I made Banana Chocolate Chips Cupcakes, banana smoothie or this recipe, banana cake, with some chocolate chips, taste perfect. 🙂 For step by step instructions click here. Sometimes I ate this chocolate chips banana cake for… [read more]

Sprinkles Balls

First of all, Merry Christmas for you all! I hope you enjoyed together with your family, and happy with gifts you have got. :-). Today I want to share my favorite chocolate sprinkles balls recipe, I like to made this when my friends come to visit me, normally I mixed the chocolate ball with different… [read more]

Chocolate orange pancake

Chocolate Orange Pancake for breakfast? why not. Pancake is always perfect for breakfast, served with fresh fruit and maple syrup, mmm yummy. On this recipe I made chocolate pancake with cocoa powder, and some orange juice mixed into the batter, served with sliced orange and chocolate sauce. Check out my other pancake recipes on my… [read more]

Rum balls

I remember when I was child, my mom always made this for me. Even though she made it without rum, it tasted so good and that was really my sweet moment. In Germany it called ‘Rumkugeln‘, in Bahasa Indonesia called Bola coklat. There are many recipes of Rum balls. You could make it with any filling you… [read more]