Roasted Carrots with Parsley

Roasted Carrots with Parsley…mmm,  to be honest I never made this before until I found this recipe from food blogger website Inspired Taste. Sometimes I run out of idea how to prepare carrot, besides Carrot Soup and Carrot Salad. Since I tried this recipe, it’s one of my best appetizer or side dish recipe. What… [read more]

Carrot Ginger Coconut Soup

Spring season comes, but the weather in Hannover a little bit cold, about 10°-5°C, I need something warm to eat and soup is always the right choice. Last night I made Carrot Coconut Soup, the recipe I got from one of German magazine. The ingredients are easy to find, for spicy taste I used ginger… [read more]

Carrot Apple Salad

I just want to tell you the history about this carrot apple salad recipe. Just to let you know, I come from Indonesia and live in Hannover, Germany. I have found community here where all of them are Indonesian people who live in Hannover. Normally they had activity every week to cook together, sharing new… [read more]

Clear Spinach Soup

Clear spinach soup or known as Sayur bening bayam is one of famous Indonesian cuisine, it’s daily menu of Indonesian family. It’s simple to be made and healthy. Basically it is boiled water with corn and carrot, at the end add the spinach and some seasoning ingredients. I’m sure the ingredients are available in everybody’s kitchen and easily… [read more]

Carrot Soup

Carrot soup is one of perfect dish to serve it in winter. Warm soup with hot ginger tea…yummy! I’ll share you tasty Carrot Soup recipe with curry flavor and coconut milk, this recipe is re-post from Physalis Fruit food blog. Enjoy the soup.

Quail egg Potato Carrot Soup

The weather is so cold today, it’s autumn, the day is short and at 16:00 already dark. Now, it’s about 6°C in Hannover, Germany. This week I’ve made some soup recipe, warm soup is always perfect for cold weather. Check out my latest soup recipe “Butternut squash sage soup”. This one is Quail egg Potato… [read more]

Vegetable biryani

  Biryani is an Indian food made from basmati rice, spices and chicken, mutton, fish or vegetable. The first time I knew biryani when I was working at Indian restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. There, I knew many almost all Indian cuisine, from the spices until the culture. Most of the guest always ordered Biryani as a main dish… [read more]