Carrot apple zucchini bread

Carrot apple zucchini bread….. should I call this bread or cake?, anyway I enjoy this bread for breakfast and also for dessert. This recipe is gluten free, the flour that I used are quinoa flour and coconut flour.

Carrot apple banana oat cookies

Have you tried this breakfast cookies before? The main ingredients are apple, carrot, banana and oats. Sounds healthy right?, It’s not crispy but chewy because I didn’t use flour and butter on this recipe. It was so delicious to enjoy this cookies with a cup of coffee.

Vegetable Curry

I’ve cooked this vegetable curry for my friend who is vegetarian, it’s curried potato, carrot and peas. I love the color of this veggie:-). Serve this meal with steamed basmati rice, it would be perfect. You can combine any kind vegetables you like, for example; squash, cauliflower or red pepper.

Apple Carrot Muffins

Muffin for breakfast….have you tried apple carrot muffins? (made from grated apple and carrot), it was so delicious! it’s great idea to hide veggie into your muffins, I’ve tried it also with zucchini. Check out another apple carrot muffins from other food bloggers: Southern In Law  with  Healthy Carrot and Apple Muffins Minimalist Baker with… [read more]

Carrot Salad with Tahini Dressing

Veggie day for us….for dinner, I’ve prepared this delicious salad as appetizer, it’s carrot salad with tahini dressing. At the beginning, I was planning to make carrot noodle, but I didn’t have special machine for that, so I just grated the carrot. In a bowl, I combined the dressing mixture such as; tahini, garlic, fresh… [read more]

Grapefruit Carrot Apple Juice

Did I say that I made smoothie or juice everyday? I think so. :-). Today’s recipe is grapefruit carrot apple juice, it’s blend of grapefruit, carrots, apple, lemon, ginger and honey. I used Golden Delicious apple, it’s a large, sweet, yellowish-green skinned apple. This recipe I made only for me (only one glass), you can… [read more]

Rosemary Carrot Fries

I just made Rosemary carrot fries today  as snack for welcoming German soccer team ( I’m watching on TV ), they just arriving in Berlin and all Fans (about more than hundert thousand Fans- 250.000 Fans) waiting for them at Brandenburger Tor. Yeah we’re the world cup champion for the 4th.times.