Blackberry Coconut Energy Balls

I love energy balls! I ate this normally for breakfast, of course you can eat this anytime you want. I’ve bought a lot of blackberries and made some recipes with blackberries. This blackberry coconut energy balls is one of my favorite. You can eat just like that or keep it in the fridge before serving.

Blackberry Ice Cream

During the summer, many people want to eat ice cream. Every time I went to city centre, there were always long queue in front of ice cream shop. Many flavors of ice cream you can choose. I’ve made also another flavor of ice cream that you may be like, Mango Ice Cream, Date Chia Chocolate Ice… [read more]

Blackberry Lime Scones

Looking for idea what to serve for your afternoon tea? try this one, blackberry lime scones with glazed sugar served with whipped cream. Actually it taste also good without glazed sugar and whipped cream (I can’t wait to eat them), I ate that just like that after fresh come out from the oven :-). Enjoy… [read more]

Blackberry Mango Orange Smoothie

Another smoothie recipe on this blog, I hope you’re not boring if I’m always posting smoothie recipe, it’s because it’s my daily drink everyday to start my day. Today’s smoothie is blackberry mango orange smoothie. I made two layer to make it look nice. I love the color, nice isn’t it?