Beef Mushroom Bell Pepper Teriyaki Sauce

Hi, here is another recipe from my mom, sliced beef with teriyaki sauce with mushrooms and bell peppers. On this recipe we boiled the beef first, to make the beef soft and easy to chew. The bell peppers the we’ve used are green and orange bell peppers. At the end we pour teriyaki sauce. Serve… [read more]

Curried prawns with sautéed bell peppers

Bell peppers… this vegetable always available in supermarket, I bought it normally in a package that include all three color of bell peppers (red, yellow and green). On this recipe I used half of each bell peppers, and use the rest in the next day. For the prawns, I used ready-to-use prawns that means, it’s… [read more]

Salmon Bell Pepper

Anybody love salmon? I do. I tried to eat fish dish at least once a week. This salmon bell pepper is my delicious dinner, diced fried salmon with red and yellow bell pepper, flavored with garlic, thyme and black pepper. It would be perfect when it served with mashed potato, for recipe click here. By… [read more]

Tofu Green Bell Pepper Soya Sauce

This tofu green bell pepper soya sauce was my dinner yesterday, I bought the tofu at Asia groceries store, and come up the idea to make simple dish with only few other ingredients. First, I fried the tofu after cut it into small diced, then sautéed the onion and bell pepper, season with soya sauce… [read more]

Stuffed Paprika

I almost eat rice everyday (when I was lived in Indonesia), since I live in Germany, I eat only 2-3 times a week, and normally I cooked it by myself at home, this time I made stuffed paprika, it’s red paprika stuffed with rice and minced beef, cooked in tomato sauce and vegetable broth, season… [read more]