Prawn Noodle soup

I’ve made this prawn noodle soup many times, this is one of my favorite dish. The taste reminds me of Singapore Laksa, traditional Singaporean cuisine. Asian people love this kind of soup, especially something with noodle. I added peas and red bell pepper into the soup to make nice color. It’s not only look nice… [read more]

Spicy Tofu Soy Sauce

I’ve made this spicy tofu soy sauce for dinner yesterday. Tofu is one of my favorite soy product, I think I’ve posted a lot of tofu recipes on this blog, such as; Miso Soup, Fried Tofu with Chili Tomato Sweet Soy Sauce Dip, Baked Sesame Seeds Tofu Sticks and Tofu Coconut Milk Curry Soy Sauce. If you’re… [read more]

Red Quinoa Stuffed Yellow Bell Peppers

Quinoa grain has been called a super food , it’s very high in protein. Cooked quinoa can be combined into your salad, side dish etc. After I made  Jalapeño red quinoa bites , I start to creating recipe with quinoa. This time I’ll post red quinoa stuffed yellow bell peppers recipe. If you don’t have red quinoa, you can use… [read more]

Chicken Bell Pepper Soy Sauce

Chicken bell pepper soy sauce for dinner. I’ve made this recipe two days ago, because I still had stock of boneless chicken breast filet that I have to cook. It’s simple recipe to make and I’m sure you have all the ingredients at home.

Roasted Bell Peppers with Cherry Tomatoes

Roasted bell peppers with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, sound yummy right? I’ve made this as appetizer, it took a little bit time to make it but at the end it’s worth. I’ve used yellow bell peppers for this recipe. Basically, just baked the bell peppers and marinated it. Add with cherry tomatoes and cubed… [read more]

Stuffed Mini Sweet Bell Peppers

Stuffed mini sweet bell peppers as appetizer… great idea right? I’ve made this few days ago as a small bites before eating dinner, surprisingly, it tasted so good! Actually you can eat the mini sweet bell peppers just like that, but it didn’t really like it. I filled the mini peppers with mixture of  feta… [read more]

Sautéed Brown Champignon Mushrooms with Orange Bell Pepper

I’ve made this sautéed brown champignon mushrooms with orange bell pepper as side dish for fish dish. Few days ago I cooked Salmon Teriyaki served with parsley mashed potato and this sautéed mushrooms as side dish. It’s easy to make and quiet fast to prepare it. Here I used spring onion, but you can substitute… [read more]