Indonesian Fried Banana

Indonesian fried banana….. this is my favorite snack since I was little until now, Indonesian people love this snack so much, it’s very simple to make and becomes everyday snack at home. What you need is plantain banana, in Indonesia is easily to find, but in Germany, I found it at Asian store. You can… [read more]

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I always served muffins as breakfast, last time I posted Chocolate Chip Banana Cake, it was so good… and I’ve tried again the combinations of banana and chocolate chips on muffins, this is it…. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins! On this recipe I used overripe banana, it taste more sweet as normal. Combine with the sweetness… [read more]

Banana Plum Smoothie

Banana plum smoothie…. simple and delicious drink for breakfast. The plums that I used here are red plums, the color looks very cute when I mixed it with banana, yogurt and milk. Pinkylicious. Check out my first blog PhysalisFruit.Com with a lot of fruit recipes.

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

I’m sure everybody loves banana. Banana is easy healthy fruit, you can find it in every supermarket. Ripe  banana is naturally sweet, normally I use banana to make pancake, muffin or smoothie.  I used 100% whole-wheat flour and  honey. You can add-ins like nuts, raisins or other dried fruit. This whole wheat banana bread is perfect… [read more]

Chocolate Chips Banana Cake

I’ve made this cake many times, I love banana, I eat this fruit everyday, normally together with cereal or oatmeal, but sometimes I made Banana Chocolate Chips Cupcakes, banana smoothie or this recipe, banana cake, with some chocolate chips, taste perfect. 🙂 For step by step instructions click here. Sometimes I ate this chocolate chips banana cake for… [read more]

Physalis Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

I always drink smoothie everyday, I mixed fruits with some oatmeal, it’s simple breakfast or me. This physalis banana peanut butter smoothie is re-post from my recipe with fruits blog Physalis Fruit. Physalis taste a little bit sweet and sour. It’s rich of vitamin C, E and B1. It makes immune system strong. I’ve mixed physalis fruit or known… [read more]

Banana Honey Dessert

This recipe is the simplest dessert that I’ve always made, Banana Honey Dessert, I always eat some dessert every day, sometime when I’m too lazy to bake something, I fry banana with butter and serve with chocolate sauce, just easy. I love any kind of dessert with fruits. Check out some other dessert with fruits… [read more]