Fruity Breakfast

Looking for easy healthy breakfast recipe? you should try this one….Fruity breakfast made from mixture of mashed avocado, yogurt, honey and peanut butter. Topped with slice banana and fresh blueberries. Of course you can top with any fruits you have at home. Sometimes I love to combine the yogurt with mashed banana and served with… [read more]

Apricot Banana Smoothie

Smoothie for breakfast……like always, smoothie is our energy boost everyday. I always mixed different kind of fruits what I have at home and combined it with oatmeal and yogurt. This time I made apricot banana smoothie. Mixture of apricot, banana, Greek yogurt, milk, rolled oats, flax seeds, sweet basil seeds and honey. Enjoy it!

Banana Almond Cranberry Overnight Oats

Oatmeal is our favorite breakfast every morning, normally we just combining it with yogurt and fruit, yesterday I made overnight oats and it was so good that I’m going to make this again and again. Basically you can combine it with ingredients you like, on this recipe I added a lot of ingredients such as… [read more]

Orange Blueberry Banana Smoothie

The weather in Hannover is very cold today (about 6°C), the bad news is I have a cold …., besides medicine I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits, I hope I’m getting better soon:-).  This orange blueberry banana smoothie is perfect for me, a lot of vitamin C!. If you like, add some… [read more]

Green Smoothie

Healthy drink for day….how oft did you drink  green smoothie for breakfast? this smoothie is perfect way to hide vegetables by combining them with fruits you like. I mixed spinach with banana and avocado, I almost don’t taste the bitter of spinach because of ripe banana and avocado. To start up your day, combine it… [read more]

Fig Banana Smoothie

Sometimes I don’t know what should I do with figs that I’ve bought at supermarket, I never eat this fruit before I live in Germany, it’s not so famous in Indonesia. This is the first drink recipe with fig that I’ve made. I combine it with banana, milk and almond butter to make better taste.… [read more]

Peach Banana Breakfast

To eat breakfast….is a must. That’s why I have a lot breakfast recipe, most of them are very simple to make, normally add fruit and yogurt. This time I’ll post peach banana breakfast, the yogurt mixture that I made are mixture of yogurt, almond butter and honey. Top with brown flax seeds and flaked almonds.… [read more]