Chocolate Almond Bagels

Bagels for breakfast!!! I love to eat bagels for breakfast, my husband also addicted to it. After I made Sesame Bagels, Matcha Bagels and Blueberry Bagels, I tried to make another interesting mixture into my bagels. This time I made chocolate almond bagels. Enjoy this bagels with cream cheese, mmm  yummy:-) Print Yum Chocolate Almond Bagels Ingredients20g… [read more]

Matcha Bagels

Bagels…love it. Even though took a long time to make it, it’s always better taste if you made it by your self. My first bagel bites was in USA last january, we’ve bought it in a bagel store that sold many sorts of bagels, a little difficult to choose which one is the best. Since… [read more]