Apricot Crumble

I love to make dessert with something fruity, especially crumble dessert. I’ve made plum crumble, apple crumble and strawberry crumble. It doesn’t take long time to make this kind of dessert. This time I’ll post apricot crumble recipe, it would be perfect to serve this with scoop of ice cream. Enjoy it!

Apricot Banana Smoothie

Smoothie for breakfast……like always, smoothie is our energy boost everyday. I always mixed different kind of fruits what I have at home and combined it with oatmeal and yogurt. This time I made apricot banana smoothie. Mixture of apricot, banana, Greek yogurt, milk, rolled oats, flax seeds, sweet basil seeds and honey. Enjoy it!

Apricot Galette

This is the first time I made Apricot Galette and surprised with the result, so yummy… it was so perfect to serve this after dinner as dessert, so fruity!. It would be more perfect if you serve it with whipped cream on top of it. As dessert or Coffee time, as you like :-). To… [read more]

Sautéed Chicken Breast with Apricot Salsa

I eat poultry dish normally once a week. Sometimes I made fried chicken, chicken curry or chicken skewer. This time I post sautéed chicken breast with apricot salsa, this recipe inspired by my ex-boy friend “Steffen Henssler” (just joke), he’s famous chef in Germany, he’s my “Guru” for cooking. I knew him from cooking show… [read more]