Pandan Extract

pandan extract

Pandan Leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius) or known  as screwpine leaves is a tropical plant, which is popular in Asian cooking as a flavoring. It is a green plant with fan-shaped sprays of long, narrow, blade-like leaves. It has unique taste and aroma, use normally to desserts. In Indonesia and other Asian country;like Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam and Singapore, the leaves are sold fresh. For the country where the plant does not grow, it’s available at Asia grocery stores in frozen form. There are also bottled Pandan extract or paste, which is sold in shops, but it contains green food coloring.

To crush and grind the leaves people in Indonesia using traditional tools; mortar (Tjobek/ cobek) and pestle (Ulekan). The leaves may be torn into strips, tied in a knot (to steep or place it in coconut milk or a cooking liquid). There are many of long variety, the leaves that I used on recipe are 60cm long leaves.
By the way, my mom is in Germany now for two-weeks-Holiday and of course to visit me .
She made this recipe for me, we made the juice to make Pandan cake (recipe come soon).
I found also Pandan extract recipe from other Indonesian blogger Cooking Tackle by Ira Rodrigues.
pandan leaves pandan
pandan leaves on mixer crushed pandan leaves
crushed-pandan-leaves crushed_pandan_leaves
pandan_extract pandan-extract
Pandan Extract
  • 15 Pandan leaves
  • 100ml Water
  1. Wash the pandan leaves.
  2. Cut small the leaves about 2cm long with scissor.
  3. Blend the leaves and water with mixer.
  4. Prepare strainer and bowl, strain and press the leaves with spoon.
  5. You can also use cloth for straining, just squeeze it.
  6. Pour the juice in a jar and keep it in a refrigerator.
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