Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions from DesireToEat.Com :

Why the name Desire to Eat?

To be honest, it was difficult for me to find good name for a website or blog. Actually I wasn’t good at cooking, I’m good on eating. I eat everything that looks delicious ,I enjoy every food that I’ve eaten. I always try every kind of food and didn’t think about calories. I have desire to eat everything. So I think, I named my blog Desire To Eat.

When did you start a cooking blog?

I created my food blog on October 2013 with collection of daily food that I’ve made in my own kitchen, I also created German language food blog

Why did you start to make a cooking blog?

Before I moved to Germany, I almost never cooked at all, my mom always did for me, and I could eat at restaurant or street food everywhere. In Jakarta-Indonesia, there are many street vendors selling delicious foods. Then after I live in Germany, I rarely found my favorite foods, that’s why I’ve to cook myself. Since then, I always write the recipes on the books, one day my friend recommended me to create a blog. So I create my own blog with recipe collections that I’ve made.

What’s your background in food?

I was graduated from Hotel & Tourism Academy of Indonesia (Diploma III) in 2002, and I’ve been working in Hotel for 5 years in Jakarta-Indonesia as Food and Beverage Service Staff. The last two years before I moved to Germany in 2010, I was working at 5-stars Hotel in Jakarta- Indonesia, there I’ve many experience in food, we’ve done many food testing from traditional until international foods, we also had seminar of training for Sparkling wine, Cocktails, Cigars and Cheese.

Do you take your own photos?

Yes of course, All photos on this blog taken by me. I take photos after cooking it and  before I eat the food.

Do you sell any product ?

Yes, I’m contributor photographer at Shutterstock , check out my portfolio. You can download food pictures there.

Do you eat everything you make?

Not all at one, just some of it. But my husband become my royal tester, he ate everything that I’ve made.

How do you get the inspiration for your recipes?

From my mother, my friends, magazine, cookbooks, restaurantsother food bloggers

What kind of camera  and lens do you use?

I use  Nikon D5300 50mm (my husband gave it on my 33th. birthday).

I tried your recipe and didn’t work.

So far the recipe that I’ve used are doing great. I’ve tested it before posting it. It’s difficult when we’re not together in the kitchen. If you any questions, just leave me a comment under the blog post.

Are you Vegetarian?

No, I’m not. But I tried to eat less meat. So far, once a week. I eat more legumes; beans and lentils, and seafood, like prawn or fish.

How many cook books do you have?

Almost 200 cookbooks, there are in three languages;  Indonesian, German and  English.


Can I email you?

Yes, you can contact me at amalliaeka(at)desiretoeat(dot)com