Date Smoothie

date smoothieDates are sweet fruits from date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera), they are grown in North Africa and the Middle East since 6000 years. They are an important staple food. The date palm is native of Morocco up to Pakistan, but is also cultivated in the United States, Greece, Sizilian and southern Spain. Fresh dates come mostly from Israel and California, the dried one from Algerian, Tunisia, Iraq and Iran. There are many variety types of dates, from a reddish to yellowish brown shiny skin and have different sizes 4-8 cm. They have a long oval shape and in the middle a long, hard core.

Benefits of dates:

  • contain up to 70% glucose and fruit sugar  (high level of natural sugars)
  • rich in minerals, such as folic acid, calcium, iron and phosphorus
  • rich in vitamin A, D and B
  • high potassium content
  • has a curative effect
  • provide energy
  • promote concentration

Source: Exotic Früchten Kennenlernen und zubereiten by Elisabeth Bangert.

Normally I made cake or dessert with dates, but dates also good for drinks, like this smoothie.

dates smoothie

Date Smoothie


  • 100g Dates
  • 150ml Milk
  • 3 Tablespoons Yoghurt


  1. Remove seeds from dates.
  2. Soak dates with water for 15minutes.
  3. Blend dates, milk and yoghurt with blender.
  4. Serve cold on a glass, ready to serve.

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  1. Wow…that’s so refreshing & yumm..thanks for sharing.

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