Mung Bean Sprouts Salad

Last weekend we had birthday party of my friend, some of the menus are Indonesian food, happy! At the end there are a lot of rest of the food and we had to take away. There were also food that haven’t cooked yet, like mung bean sprouts. So I brought the sprouts at home… [read more]

Fried Tempeh

Fried tempeh is one of my favorite food. In Indonesia I ate it almost as daily snack, but since I live in Germany, it’s quite rarely to eat this. First, I have to go to Asian shop and take a look for this delicious food, but sometimes it’s not always there. It’s a luxurious day… [read more]

Grilled Padron Peppers with Lime

I know that summer time is over, no more grill time. But somehow I have to post my favorite appetizer; grilled padron peppers with lime. Normally I made this in a pan, cook with some olive oil until they’re blistered, season with salt and some lime juice from fresh lime. But this time I made… [read more]

Sautéed Garlic Spinach

Vegan Matcha Green Tea Shake

Today post is vegan Matcha green tea shake, I still have stock of Matcha green tea powder in my cupboard, I’ve tried make some recipe with Matcha. Some recipes that I’ve made with Matcha are; Matcha Bagels and Matcha Macarons. Since I bought some vegan cook books, I want to try vegan drink recipe –… [read more]

Avocado Soy Yogurt Dressing

In Germany, many people try to be a vegetarian or even vegan, especially the young people. There are a lot of vegan cookbooks everywhere in book stores. I’ve bought about 5 of the books…and there’ll be a new book every week. To be honest, it’s quite hard for me to be a vegan, I still… [read more]

Indonesian Ginger Tea

    Wedang Jahe is an Indonesian ginger tea. It’s a favorite drink in Indonesian, especially in raining season. Jahe means “ginger”.  This healthy drink is made from fresh ginger, lemongrass, frequently with the addition of fragrant pandan leaves (screw pine leaves) and palm sugar for sweetness.