Tom Yum Soup

Tom yum soup is originated from Thailand but very popular in neighbor countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. There’s a lot of types of Tom Yum soup, this one that I made is Tom Yum Goong; made with shrimps/prawns. For this recipe, I used shrimps with shells (remove the head) and I’ve made my own… [read more]

Cream of Mushroom Soup

This cream of mushroom soup is perfect to serve for cold night dinner, every time when the weather turns into cold here, I always made soup, such as; Corn Egg drop Soup, Miso Soup and Spinach Coconut Milk Soup . For this recipe I used brown Champignon mushrooms. It was so delicious, you should try this! :-).

Corn egg drop soup

This corn egg drop soup is my favorite soup. I made this quite often, because it’s very easy and fast to make. For this recipe I just need one fresh corn cob, shredded the kernels and boiled with chicken broth and grated ginger. While stirring the soup I poured the beaten eggs (2 eggs) and… [read more]

Vegan Spinach Coconut Milk Soup

Hot soup for cold weather :-). This time I’ll post recipe of vegan spinach coconut milk soup, it’s quiet easy to make, basically, it’s like cream of spinach soup, but I used coconut milk to substitute the cream. Normally I used butter for sautéing the onions, but for this recipe, I substituted it with coconut… [read more]

Miso Soup

I have cold since yesterday…I need to eat something healthy and warm…I was thinking about to cook miso soup, because I’ve bought the miso (fermented soybean paste) and found cute mushrooms (take a look the picture below; it’s Bunashimeji mushrooms). Add some tofu into the soup would be great idea, topped with chopped spring onions… [read more]

Chicken Corn Egg Soup

Chicken corn egg soup for cold weather, great idea right? I just made this soup today and can’t wait to post the recipe directly. This soup made from chicken, corn and egg. Just like the title 🙂 Boil in chicken stock and season with salt and pepper. That’s it! so easy right. You can use… [read more]

Mushroom Potato Soup

Mushroom potato soup….mmm so yummy. Excellent soup. The ingredients are; potatoes, brown Champignon mushrooms, vegetable broth, butter, onion, garlic, parsley, dill, cream and salt. I boiled the potatoes with vegetable broth, by  combining 1,5 liter water with one cube of vegetable stock cube, it called also bouillon cube, which is small block of dried stock… [read more]