Basil Pesto

Pesto is perfect to serve as pasta sauce, sometimes I added to salad mixture, as a dip for fried prawn or as a sauce for sliced boiled potatoes. It’s very simple to make as long as you have all the ingredients. Basically pesto made from fresh basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, salt and… [read more]

Cauliflower Sauce

Cauliflower… be honest, I don’t really like this vegetable, taste so strange on my tongue, that’s why I tried to prepare cauliflower with different kind of way, such as; mix it with other flavor ingredients or make it creamy. This recipe adapted from Lindsay at Pinch of yum from her E-book Creamy Cauliflower Sauce, you… [read more]

Mango Sauce

  Mango is not just delicious to eat like that, I’ve mixed mango with sage, olive oil, lime juice and sesame seed, I used it as a dressing for my salad, it was taste good so fruity, try it. You can mix your own salad and use this mango sauce as dressing sauce.

Parsley Pesto

Pesto taste good for dip or pasta sauce. Last time I’ve made Basil pesto, for recipe click here. What you have to prepare is food processor, mix and  blend all pesto ingredients until smooth and combine with boiled pasta like I’ve done, check out recipe for spaghetti with parsley pesto. It would be also perfect for salad… [read more]

Creamy avocado sauce

This creamy avocado sauce is perfect to serve as a dip. I’ve made and posted  boiled broccoli with avocado dip and mango salad with lettuce and creamy avocado sauce.  Avocado is a healthy fruit, there are many ways to prepare avocado. In Indonesia, Avocado normally served as dessert, like Avocado milkshake or Avocado juice with chocolate… [read more]