Avocado Soy Yogurt Dressing

In Germany, many people try to be a vegetarian or even vegan, especially the young people. There are a lot of vegan cookbooks everywhere in book stores. I’ve bought about 5 of the books…and there’ll be a new book every week. To be honest, it’s quite hard for me to be a vegan, I still… [read more]

Peach Salsa

Anybody have tried peach salsa? After I made strawberry salsa, apricot salsa and tomato salsa,  I think I should try salsa with peach, I combined the peach with tomato, jalapeño, red onion, fresh cilantro leaves, lime juice, garlic and sea salt. I served this with tortilla chips, mmm so yummy, what a beautiful afternoon  :-).

Peanut Butter Sesame Tahini Ginger Sauce

Peanut butter sesame tahini ginger sauce….sound interesting right? This sauce I made as a dip/sauce for baked sesame seeds tofu sticks, it was yummy appetizer ever! This sauce has Asian touch with mixture of peanut butter, sesame seeds, tahini and ginger. Try it, you will not regret it.

Grape Syrup

This summer I addicted to refreshing summer drink, normally I used simple syrup to combine it into my drink but since I made experiment with blueberry syrup, then I made blueberry lemonade with it, it’s a highlight of the day when I mixed the drink. Last week, I tried to make syrup with grape.

Sambal Terasi

Sambal Terasi or shrimp paste chili sauce is a condiment used in Indonesian cuisine. Traditionally, Indonesians prepare sambals using a mortar and pestle, but you can also use food processor to make this. Most of Indonesians eat a meal or savory snack with some spicy chili paste (sambal). There are a lot of sambal variety… [read more]

Sambal Tomat

Sambal Tomat or Tomato chili sauce is a condiment to many Indonesian foods, it’s all time favorite chili sauce. For people who love spicy food, you’ll love this. Yesterday I posted Indonesian eggplant chili sauce recipe, I used this sauce to combine it with the fried eggplants.  This sauce also perfect to combine it with hard… [read more]

Blueberry Syrup

Blueberry Syrup perfect to serve as pancake topping or summer drink mixture. I’ve made refreshing drink; blueberry lemonade with this blueberry syrup. Basically it’s very easy to make. Just place blueberries, sugar and water in sauce pan, simmer for about 15 minutes, strain with sieve and mix with lemon juice.