Physalis Avocado Tomato Dip

Snack time! Chips are always nice to enjoy it anytime, especially Tortilla chips. At least I eat chips once a week and enjoy it with my favorite channel on TV, it’s perfect to serve it with different kind of dips. This is one of my favorite dip and every time I visited my friends, Tortilla chips… [read more]

Broccoli avocado dip

Broccoli avocado dip is one of our favorite appetizer or side dish. It’s boiled broccoli with creamy avocado sauce is simple and healthy dish. I love avocado, sometimes i just mashed it and use as a dip. For creamy avocado sauce recipe, click here. If you not really hungry at dinner, you can prepare this, just… [read more]

Creamy avocado sauce

This creamy avocado sauce is perfect to serve as a dip. I’ve made and posted  boiled broccoli with avocado dip and mango salad with lettuce and creamy avocado sauce.  Avocado is a healthy fruit, there are many ways to prepare avocado. In Indonesia, Avocado normally served as dessert, like Avocado milkshake or Avocado juice with chocolate… [read more]