Farfalle with Tuna, Olive and Tomato Sauce

Pasta recipe for dinner….! I found some cans of tuna fish in olive oil, mmm (my husband bought this and ignore it). I was looking for other ingredients to combine with this tuna fish, unfortunately I have black olives and can of tomato sauce. Since I have a lot of different kind pasta, I tried… [read more]

One Pot Zucchini Peas Pasta

I was looking easy pasta recipe for dinner, and I found a lot of delicious one pot pasta recipes on Pinterest. After I looked at my refrigerator, I had zucchini and some frozen peas. So I combined those veggie, dried spaghetti, garlic, fresh thyme and water in one pot. Season with salt and pepper, when… [read more]

Broccoli Corn Linguine

Another pasta recipe….this time is about one pot pasta, I found many one pot pasta at Pinterest from many food bloggers, that’s why I created  “one pot pasta” board  there. Today, I’m gonna post one pot pasta broccoli corn linguine, with additional cheese and milk, makes it creamy and cheesy. This is the way how… [read more]

Fettuccine Avocado Spinach Basil Sauce

Greeny pasta!!!….Fettuccine Avocado Spinach Basil sauce. Sound healthy right? Take a look the pasta sauce below; combine avocado, spinach, fresh basil leaves, lemon juice and garlic. Blend with food processor until smooth, season with salt and pepper, that’s it, the pasta sauce is ready. The pasta that I used here is Fettuccine, you can also… [read more]

Potato Gnocchi Sage Butter Sauce

Normally I always bought ready-to-eat Gnocchi from supermarket, I was thinking about to make homemade gnocchi, it must be more delicious. Did you know that I just published my first eCookbook? The title is “The Secret of Sweet Potatoes“, it’s consist of 30 delicious recipes (never been posted on this blog) from appetizer to dessert… [read more]

Tagliatelle Prawn Pesto

Few days ago I made Rucola Basil Pesto, I’ve used that pesto sauce as pasta sauce, that pasta that I’ve used here is dried Tagliatelle, because I’m too lazy to made my own pasta, even though I have pasta machine at home. The prawns that I’ve used is thawed prawns. I sautéed the prawns with… [read more]

Mushrooms Spinach Cream Pasta Sauce

I’ve just made this pasta sauce tonight for dinner. Mushrooms spinach cream sauce  served with boiled Farfalle pasta or known as bow-tie pasta, basically you can use any kind of pasta you have. The most important  is the perfect sauce for the pasta. Mushrooms that I used are brown champignon mushrooms, the spinach that I… [read more]