Chicken Fricassee

Fricassee is a French word means to fry (frire) and to break in pieces (casser) or known as a method of cooking meat, which you cut up the meat (mostly chicken), sautéed and slow braised in stock and white wine. You can mix it with mushrooms, asparagus or vegetables you like. On this recipe I used… [read more]

Creamy corn chicken

I love something creamy for dinner, not everyday but sometimes it would be nice. Chicken and corn would be perfect match. Creamy  corn chicken, yummy sauce, to make think sauce, we have to use corn flour. Corn flour in UK or USA means corn starch. In Germany it called ‘Mais Mehl’ translates ‘ Corn flour’, actually it means… [read more]

Chicken liver diced potato

Chicken liver with potato or known as Sambal goreng ati is traditional Indonesian food , it’s made from chicken liver or beef liver, cook together with dice potatoes and seasoning with spices, especially chili. It is not only eaten at special event like Idul Fitri but also as daily menu, in Germany it’s not top… [read more]

Coconut milk chicken

Coconut milk chicken or known as Opor Ayam is traditional Indonesian food from Central Java, Indonesia. It is a chicken cooked in coconut milk and asian herbs. It is popular dish on special day like Idul Fitri /Eid al-Fitr /Lebaran or known as festival of breaking the fast. Normally it is eaten with ketupat (packed rice)and sambal goreng… [read more]