Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang is a famous traditional Indonesian food. It is slow cooked beef meat cooked in coconut milk and paste of spices (shallot, garlic, chili, ginger, galangal and lemongrass). It took patience to cook this dish because of the method of cooking, the meat becomes tender from slow cooking process and absorb all the spices.… [read more]

Stuffed Zucchini

Warm regards from Florida! yes, my husband and I have holiday for 3 weeks in USA. How’s your Christmas Holiday with your family? I hope you all had a great time. I’m going to post recipe that I’ve made few months ago. Maybe it will be great dish for your New Year’s Eve menu. It’s stuffed… [read more]

Beef Fried Rice

Beef fried rice for breakfast…yes I ate this for breakfast, the rice that I used is left over rice from last night. I had minced beef and egg  in my refrigerator, so I made simple beef fried rice, garnish with sliced tomatoes and chives, delicious.

Beef Mushroom Bell Pepper Teriyaki Sauce

Hi, here is another recipe from my mom, sliced beef with teriyaki sauce with mushrooms and bell peppers. On this recipe we boiled the beef first, to make the beef soft and easy to chew. The bell peppers the we’ve used are green and orange bell peppers. At the end we pour teriyaki sauce. Serve… [read more]

Stuffed Paprika

I almost eat rice everyday (when I was lived in Indonesia), since I live in Germany, I eat only 2-3 times a week, and normally I cooked it by myself at home, this time I made stuffed paprika, it’s red paprika stuffed with rice and minced beef, cooked in tomato sauce and vegetable broth, season… [read more]