Indonesian sautéed water spinach

Indonesian sautéed water spinach or in Bahasa Indonesia called ‘Tumis Kangkung’ is favorite traditional Indonesian cuisine. This is my favorite dish, I eat this normally with steamed white rice and fried tempeh, you can find this water spinach vegetable at Asia store. Take a look of the water spinach picture down below;

Fried Tempeh Sweet Soy Sauce

Tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia, it’s fermented soybeans. It’s quiet difficult to find it in Germany, you have to go to Asian shop and it’s not everyday available. For people who is vegetarian or vegan, they’ll love this dish. This time I made fried tempeh sweet soy sauce – deep fried… [read more]

Fried Tempeh

Fried tempeh is one of my favorite food. In Indonesia I ate it almost as daily snack, but since I live in Germany, it’s quite rarely to eat this. First, I have to go to Asian shop and take a look for this delicious food, but sometimes it’s not always there. It’s a luxurious day… [read more]

Mie Goreng – Indonesian Fried Noodles

Mie goreng/ bami goreng or known as fried noodle is a common dish in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s made from yellow noodles, fried in cooking oil with prawn, chicken or beef. Combine with vegetables, egg, tomato or cabagge. Mie goreng can be found everywhere in Indonesia, from street vendors to restaurants. Normally taste spicy… [read more]

Tempe Mendoan

Tempe or Tempeh is traditional soy product made from soybeans, it’s rich of vitamin and protein though its fermentation process. There are many ways to prepare tempe, this time I’ll post Tempe Mendoan (fried tempeh), traditional dish from Banyumas territory in Indonesia. It is made from thin tempeh, fried with flour-dough, the result that it… [read more]

Telur Balado

Telur balado or in english means Chillied egg, it’s a traditional  Indonesian food, made from hard boiled eggs and coated with chili sauce or sambals, there are many variety of sambal that you can use for this dish. For example I’ve made Chili tomato sauce and Shrimp paste chili sauce, both of this sauce perfect… [read more]

Sambal Terasi

Sambal Terasi or shrimp paste chili sauce is a condiment used in Indonesian cuisine. Traditionally, Indonesians prepare sambals using a mortar and pestle, but you can also use food processor to make this. Most of Indonesians eat a meal or savory snack with some spicy chili paste (sambal). There are a lot of sambal variety… [read more]