Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Another strawberry recipe…..yup, it’s strawberry season! I have 1 kilogram fresh strawberries in my refrigerator now, and I’m thinking what recipe should I make with strawberry. I’ve made strawberry cheese cake crumble, strawberry field salad, strawberry salsa and strawberry banana smoothie.

Yellow Smoothie

Yellow smoothie…in the morning. Yes I’ve just made this smoothie this morning for breakfast. Why the color is yellow? because it’s made from fresh pineapple, mango and orange. I used 1/4 of the whole fresh pineapple, peeled it first, cut into four pieces (cut lengths) and remove the middle part. Then 1 mango, peeled and… [read more]

Mango Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Smoothie is our start up drink in the morning, I always made smoothies everyday, this time I made mango banana yogurt smoothie, what you need only one mango, one banana and some tablespoons of Greek yogurt, blend it and enjoy the smoothie, so easy. Check out another simple smoothie recipe; Mango Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie.

Banana Plum Smoothie

Banana plum smoothie…. simple and delicious drink for breakfast. The plums that I used here are red plums, the color looks very cute when I mixed it with banana, yogurt and milk. Pinkylicious. Check out my first blog PhysalisFruit.Com with a lot of fruit recipes.

Orange Mango Smoothie

  I’ve made this smoothie this morning for breakfast,  so refreshing drink and easy-to-find-ingredients. Taste also good without crushed ice or ice cubes. For tips; add some milk or cereal into your drink, it’s healthy energy drink to start your day. Have a nice try.

Date Smoothie

Dates are sweet fruits from date palm (Phoenix Dactylifera), they are grown in North Africa and the Middle East since 6000 years. They are an important staple food. The date palm is native of Morocco up to Pakistan, but is also cultivated in the United States, Greece, Sizilian and southern Spain. Fresh dates come mostly from… [read more]

Mango Orange Date Smoothie

I always drink smoothie for breakfast, it’s my energy boost. I love dates fruit and always added it into my drinks.