Papaya Apple Beetroot Smoothie

Normally, when I made smoothie, I combined fresh fruits with dairy products, but this time I combine it with coconut water. This smoothie recipe is vegan, the ingredients are papaya, apple, beetroot, agave syrup and coconut water. So, enjoy this papaya apple beetroot smoothie for breakfast.

Mango Cherry Smoothie

It’s cherry season in Germany, I’ve bought a lot of fresh cherries this month. I’ve made Cherry Clafoutis and Cherry Cake with the cherries. This time I’ll post mango cherry smoothie, I’ve drink this for breakfast. I mixed the fresh cherry with ripe mango, Greek yogurt, milk, ground millet, honey and flax seeds. Enjoy your… [read more]

Raspberry Smoothie

Raspberry smoothie recipe for today!. I had frozen raspberries on the fridge, and I decided to make smoothie for breakfast. I blended it with milk, yogurt and honey. Yup, it’s just easy ingredients. On top of the smoothie, sprinkle with sweet basil seeds for pretty presentation 🙂 Add straw and enjoy it !.

Avocado Kiwi Smoothie

Good morning everybody…’s recipe is for Avocado fans :-). For you who always drink smoothie for breakfast, this is it …..avocado kiwi smoothie! What you need; avocado, kiwi, lime juice, yogurt, milk and honey. Just blend it and ready to serve. So start your day with this healthy green smoothie:-).

Papaya Kiwi Smoothie

Papaya kiwi smoothie for breakfast….like always….daily routine for us. Finally I found ripe papaya at supermarket, I blended the fresh chopped papaya with yogurt, milk, lemon juice and honey. To match the beautiful color of the smoothie I combined it with the kiwi mixture; fresh kiwis, water, lemon juice and honey. Enjoy your breakfast smoothie.

Vegan Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie

Another smoothie recipe….yup, but this one is vegan smoothie. This vegan pineapple blueberry smoothie made from blend of  chopped fresh pineapple, fresh blueberries, soy yogurt, agave syrup, desiccated coconut, lemon juice, rolled oats and brown flax seeds. It’s peak season of pineapple start this month until July, although it’s available year- around.

Pear Mango Smoothie

Another smoothie recipe on this blog!….yup, smoothie for everyday, like I’ve said before, we always drink smoothie everyday with different kind of fruits and mixture. This time is pear mango smoothie. It’s mixture of pear, mango, walnuts, oats, yogurt, milk, flax seeds and honey. So enjoy your smoothie today! 🙂